Employee Access

Fire Suppression / Rescue


Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue provides technical rescue capabilities for high/low angle, confined space, and trench incidents. NMFR has 15 members trained to the highest level of training (technician level) and are able to provide advanced skills when responding to incidents of these types.   We also have mutual aid agreements with the Appleton and Oshkosh Fire Departments to receive and send technical rescue assistance during times of need. Additionally, eight of our members are also assigned to the State of Wisconsin’s Task Force 1, a specially trained group of responders who respond to building collapses state wide when occupants are trapped inside. The remainder of the department has received based training to address confined space and trench rescue emergencies and provide assistance during technical rescue incidents.


Fire Suppression

Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue responds to all types of fires from four strategically located fire stations.   The incident dictates the number and type of resources that will respond. Any fire involving a structure or building will bring a minimum of three engine companies, one quint (ladder) company, and the shift commander as the incident commander. Minimum staffing for a structure fire response is 13. Additional resources can be requested through MABAS, existing mutual aid agreements in place with area departments, or by a call-back of off-duty personnel. When a structure fire occurs, we will call back a four-person crew to staff the reserve engine company, and provide a backfill engine company and crew from a mutual aid fire department, thereby having a staffed company to respond to other emergencies in the Cities of Neenah or Menasha.


Fire at Minergy demolition site.