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Employee Recognition

Captain Mike Janke (left) received an individual recognition ribbon for his continuous efforts on taking on extra projects. Some of these include building storage area at Station 32, building two training simulators at our training tower and re-designing and improving office space at Station 32. Firefighter Zach Janke (right) received a Unit Citation Ribbon for his tireless efforts of rescuing people during the February 29th call on Highway 41. The largest vehicle accident in Wisconsin's History.
Captain Ryan Relien, Driver/Operator Al Wroblewski, Driver/Operator Brian Goldschmidt, Driver/Operator Jason Peerenboom, Firefighter DuWayne Schwartz and Firefighter Tyler Hillen for their tireless efforts of rescuing people during the February 29th call on Highway 41. The largest vehicle accident in Wisconsin's History.
Life Save Ribbons for Captain Troy Jahns, Driver/Operator Joe Olszewski and Firefighter Scott Harding. On July 27, 2018, this crew responded to a call for a female who was 38-weeks pregnant, pulseless and not breathing. Our crew, along with Gold Cross, immediately began CPR and helped continue her care while transporting her to Theda Clark Hospital. The quick efforts of these three guys helped save the life of this patient but also her child. Unfortunately, this patient had a medical condition that was not known to her. I’m happy to report both Mom and baby are healthy and are doing great!
Captain Amos Mikkelson recently completed completed the Executive Fire Officer program through the National Fire Academy. This was a two year program.
Captain Pete Anderson (left) and Shift Commander Ryan Krings (right) were given an Individual Recognition Ribbon. Our department has been preparing for the turnover of staff due to retirements. This turn over will begin in 2020. SC Krings recognized when this turnover began the knowledge will leave with these employees. He created the Job Performance Reviews (JPR’s) that is a step by step instruction of how a task must be completed. This binder may have been compiled by our Management Assistant Tara. However, it would not have been accomplished without Ryan’s hard work of coordinating and writing many of the JPR’s. The first version began with 75 JPR’s and we are now up to 161. Once the New Employee Task Book was completed, this idea carried over into creating a Driver/Operator Task Book. While this task book doesn’t have as many JPR’s, it does provide a consistent training method for anyone who wants to move up and be promoted into the Driver/Operator position. This task book has also eliminated the redundancy of having people go through a promotional process every three years to be placed on an eligibility list for promotion into this position. Once firefighters complete the book they are able to move-up into the position and are eligible to promote. This process change could not have been done without Union and Management agreeing to this new process and through the hard work of Captain Pete Anderson and Shift Commander Ryan Krings’ hard work of putting together this book.
Individual Recognition Ribbon’s for Firefighter Jeff Schweitzer and Driver/Operator Jason Calkins (not able to attend the meeting). Our department recognizes the budget constraints and limitations both Cities have. In December of 2018, our inflatable Boat, B35, had developed another leak and was beyond repair. Our budget was set for 2019 and it didn’t include a replacement for this boat. I was ... See More
Firefighter Brad Auxier received the Civic Achievement ribbon. Have any of you heard of the Annual Mayor’s Charity Golf Outing, the new Stop, Drop and Splash Pad at Washington Park? In addition to these two projects, our department was also able to replace a very old public education van with a brand new public education trailer. All three of these items could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of Firefighter Brad Auxier. He has spent many hours both on, and off, duty and we can’t thank him enough for all of his hard work and dedication.
Individual Recognition Ribbon to Driver/Operator Jason Peerenboom. We were awarded a $280,000 grant to replace our Self Contained Breathing Apparatus System (SCBA). Once a new system was decided upon, We can't even begin to explain all the different components that went into replacing this new system. The coordination of taking over 200 pieces equipment out of service and putting their replacem... See More
Firefighter Joe Muthig received an Individual Recognition Ribbon. Did you know our department has shift mechanics? In addition to his normal firefighter responsibilities that include responding to calls, training, performing inspections, Joe is also a shift mechanic. Some of these additional duties include preventive maintenance and fixing issues for all of our apparatus, staff vehicles and at a... See More